Flea market Mystery Family – Part 1

This is part one of theĀ Flea market Mystery Family search. My goal is to locate this family and literally ask them if they are missing a box of film reels.

So far, I have digitized 8 reels and shreds of film. But first, let’s write down the first findings so far:

  • The family lives in The Netherlands
  • The family is part Jewish and I have not been able to determine the other religion.
  • The Jewish/??? marriage took place on April 14th, 1970
  • At some point in time, they went to Ireland for a fishing trip
  • At another time, they went to SeaWorld, USA

The list of reels that are now digitized are:

  1. Vakantie Ierland
  2. 14 April 1970 Huwelijk (Reel 1)
  3. 14 April 1970 Huwelijk (Reel 2)
  4. Film shred with a male
  5. Film shred with a female (in a hospital)
  6. Film shred with a female (in a hospital)
  7. Unknown shred of film
  8. Unknown shred of film
  9. Vakantie SeaWorld (Thanks Kevin, for identifying it!)

You can watch the videos on my Youtube channel here: LINK


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