[DO NOT BUY] Ted’s Woodworking


Fred’s Bouwtekeningen and Ted’s Woodworking are a scam.
Save yourself the money and go to the following legitimate websites:
1. https://www.absolutelyfreeplans.com/
2. https://woodworkersworkshop.com/
3. https://www.woodsmithshop.com/episodes/downloads/

But why then are there so many good reviews?
Reviews can be made up, and the “is Ted’s Woodworking reliable?” websites are all basically the same. All “critical” but ultimately very positive.

Watch the following videos (English) and do not buy products from this company.

[NIET KOPEN] Fred’s Bouwtekeningen

[NIET KOPEN] Fred’s Bouwtekeningen

Fred’s Bouwtekeningen en Ted’s Woodworking is een scam.
Spaar jezelf het geld uit en ga naar de volgende legitieme websites:
1. https://www.absolutelyfreeplans.com/
2. https://woodworkersworkshop.com/
3. https://www.woodsmithshop.com/episodes/downloads/

Maar waarom zijn er dan zoveel goede reviews?
Reviews zijn te verzinnen, en de “is Fred’s Bouwtekeningen wel betrouwbaar?” websites zijn allemaal in grote lijnen hetzelfde. Allemaal “kritisch” maar uiteindelijk heel erg positief.

Bekijk de volgende video’s (Engels) en koop geen producten van dit bedrijf.

[Archiving] Software Heritage

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We collect and preserve software in source code form, because software embodies our technical and scientific knowledge and humanity cannot afford the risk of losing it.

Software is a precious part of our cultural heritage. We curate and make accessible all the software we collect, because only by sharing it we can guarantee its preservation in the very long term.

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ArchiveBox root issue in UNraid [FIXED]

Short version of:

Archivebox Docker superuser root issues

[!] ArchiveBox should never be run as root!

The INIT line is in case you set up this docker for the first time. If you already have entered the INIT command, I don;t think you have to do it again.

  1. Open the UNraid Terminal
  2. Enter
    cd /data
  3. Enter (Optional, see previous note)
    archivebox init
  4. Enter
    docker exec -it --user archivebox archivebox bash
  5. Enter
    archivebox manage createsuperuser


Credits to “emiliobool” for their comment on April 25, 2021 @ https://github.com/ArchiveBox/ArchiveBox/issues/395


Keeping your data while restarting Joomla Docker in unRAID

Finally, there is an official Joomla (4.x) Docker made for unRAID. But it is not done well. As in, you will lose all your settings and data when you restart your docker. So you need to copy the data outside the docker into the appdata folder. (Or wherever you want it)

Inside the docker image, the Joomla folder resides here:


And this is the folder you need to make “external” by adding a path to the edit/install panel.

  1. Give it a name at “Name:”
  2. Enter the following line to “Container Path:”
  3. Enter the following line to “Host Path:”


Brutally brief: Create a new database and or user in MYSQL

Log in:

mysql -u root -p

Create a user:

create user 'newuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

Give them all the power:

grant all privileges on * . * TO 'newuser'@'localhost';

Reload privileges:

flush privileges;

Ditch a user: (Optional)

drop user 'newuser'@'localhost';

Log out:



Log in:

mysql -u newuser -p

Create a database for the user:

create database db_name;

List databases: (Optional)

show databases;

Ditch database: (Optional)

drop database db_name;

Log out:



How to fix “Maintenance Mode” in NextCloud

Super annoying when you get locked out, innit?

It depends a bit how you have installed NextCloud but here are two possible locations for your config file:

("regular" apache install)
(when using a Docker install)

Open the config.php file and look for

 'maintenance' => true,

And change this to

 'maintenance' => false,


Archivebox Docker superuser root issues

Since unraid forum is throwing a hissyfit with its captcha thing, I’ll just post it on my own website.


root@<containername>:/data# archivebox manage createsuperuser
[i] [2021-11-11 14:29:07] ArchiveBox v0.6.2: archivebox manage createsuperuser
> /data

[i] ArchiveBox should never be run as root!
For more information, see the security overview documentation:

Oh noes. Open the unraid console and type:

$ sudo docker exec -it --user archivebox <containername> /bin/bash

If you do not know the name of your docker, open the console panel of the archivebox docker and search in the url for “container=”. The number behind that is the name of your docker.

So your prompt looks like this:


Then run:

archivebox manage createsuperuser

Sauce: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/95296-run-docker-as-another-user/?do=findComment&comment=993988