Flea market Mystery Family – Part 1

This is part one of theĀ Flea market Mystery Family search. My goal is to locate this family and literally ask them if they are missing a box of film reels.

So far, I have digitized 8 reels and shreds of film. But first, let’s write down the first findings so far:

  • The family lives in The Netherlands
  • The family is part Jewish and I have not been able to determine the other religion.
  • The Jewish/??? marriage took place on April 14th, 1970
  • At some point in time, they went to Ireland for a fishing trip
  • At another time, they went to SeaWorld, USA

The list of reels that are now digitized are:

  1. Vakantie Ierland
  2. 14 April 1970 Huwelijk (Reel 1)
  3. 14 April 1970 Huwelijk (Reel 2)
  4. Film shred with a male
  5. Film shred with a female (in a hospital)
  6. Film shred with a female (in a hospital)
  7. Unknown shred of film
  8. Unknown shred of film
  9. Vakantie SeaWorld (Thanks Kevin, for identifying it!)

You can watch the videos on my Youtube channel here: LINK


Flea market Mystery Family – Part 0

A few years ago we spotted a box with film reels. We looked into the box and we could read labels with births, birthdays, marriages and holidays.

Interesting stuff if you are into mystery things and especially when you realize that it’s someone’s or some family’s life! How does something like this end up on a flea market? The sellers of the box were not even the original owners and had no idea where it came from.

I asked them what they wanted for the box and I had to pay one euro. Just one euro. So I bought it immediately and managed to score a Super8 projector from my employer. This projector is not capable of picking up the sound track, but so be it. If I find a more luxurious projector for a bargain, I will go get that.

In the next episode, I will tell you how much information I have gathered so far.