Final update about the JBL Speaker

It’s well established that it is a fake. It’s well constructed as everything sits pretty well together with only 8 screws. From that I’ve seen, the original speaker has many many more screws.

So, the logic board is quite different from the original and it has 2 speakers instead of four. I recommend you look at this video to see how the original inside looks like: LINK

Now look on how the Chinese JBL looks on the inside:

If you want to upgrade it, have a look here: LINK


The Chinese JBL device, continued.

Looks like the real deal, probably still a fake.

I promised to make a few more pictures of this fake JBL. I say fake somewhat hesitantly, because it’s quality is extremely good. And with that I am referring to the shell and its finishing. The logo has not been glued on straight but hey, what can you expect.

Oontz, oontz, oontz. But not really.

Sound quality is something I can’t really judge. I had the impression that the JBL speakers were bass monsters, but this one doesn’t really seem to have a good oompf. I do not have an original speaker to compare it with, unfortunately.

Another interesting thing is the labeling of the device, manual and the box. On the bottom of the device, you can read “XERTMT”:


The box, on the other hand, reads XTEMRE:


While the name on the manual is EXTEME:


Quite literally the only time they had it right. So what’s going on here, because if you copy a box, simply copy a box! And don’t make additional typos like “rtable Wireless Speaker”.

So is this a fake or this this a rejected batch of a production once ordered by JBL? I know from an old friend that you have to check every thing that comes out of a Chinese factory so you can be sure your customer gets what he or she pays for. But it’s a fake. Of course. 😉

It also comes with two matching cables, one aux and one usb.

And a carrying strap!

So did I score a JBL for 19 euro? I have no idea, because I cannot open the product without damaging it I think. No, I’ll post the pictures of the inside soon.