Loctite 242 and 222, what’s the difference?

Loctite 222 and 242

In regards to strength, I stick to this rule of thumb:

For something you tighten with a ratchet wrench that is 1/4″ or smaller, you can use Loctite 222.

If the wrench is 1/4″ or 3/4″, Loctite 242 is suitable.

To add to the confusion; If your ratchet wrench is 1/4″, either 222 or 242 will work.

Enjoy getting things intentionally stuck! 🙂


Fixing an issue with my Browning BL22 (Lever not closing)

After cleaning out my Browning BL22 and replacing some springs, I experienced an issue with the lever on a regular basis. I took it apart again, checked everything, only to have it re-appear again.

Then I noticed that a small plate in the roof of the rifle’s action housing had come loose. After some investigating, I deduced that this was a part that should not move around. Especially since I discovered that I could visibly see the plate when the issue occurred and by pushing it back, I could resume shooting. Another pointer was, that this particular part does not occur in any parts list.

The correct position of the plate
The plate itself, which does not appear in a parts list.

This is how it looks when the plate has moved then then causes a lockup:

So I decided to use some Loctite 242 to lock the plate in place and now time will have to tell whether this works or not.