Making a test photo with the DIY Dashcam

Today I learned that the following command creates a test capture with the raspberry pi camera:

libcamera-still -o test.jpg
A screencapture of the output of the camera test command
The output from the command
A dark image with a window visible. Some daylight shines through the window.
We have an image!

And by golly, it works! So yet again some progress has been made. Somewhat worry that it is blurred, so let me make another one with the lights on:

The same as the previous picture, but this time with the lights on and the room is now visible. But it is terribly blurry
Oh no, this is way too blurry

Well heck. That’s not good. I have still not been ably to install python3-picamera3. Would that be the issue? Weird though. Let’s do another test with a mug at 10 cm distance:

a blurry mug can be seen in the center of the image
Well, that doesn’t look good…

One more test then at 20 cm:

Another attempt at 20 cm distance makes yet another blurry photo
20 cm has failed too.

Sooo. Not sure what’s going on here, but at least the camera works. 😀